Friday, June 19, 2015

IVF @ Sunfert

I called up to Sunfert almost 3 weeks earlier to scheduled an appointment. The earliest slot being offered is almost 2 weeks later, that long huh?! Yes, I was shocked. A day before my supposed appointment my menses visited me, so I called up and asked the nurse if I should rescheduled my appointment. She said," Just come. Doctor can scan you even if you are on D2." That left me another speechless moment. I have never been scanned on a D2 and I have no idea what to expect.
The receptionist reminded me to be there at least 30 mins before my appointment at 10am and warned me that I will not be able to see Dr WPS at 10am. The waiting time varies up to 3 to 4 hours.

I went there with an open mind bearing a simple objective to get second opinion on my IVF journey.
Located in Bangsar South it was newly open when I stepped in the first time in November 2014.
Everything is new and at the entrance you can see pictures of new born sent by ex-Sunfert patient to Dr WPS.

After registrations, I was summoned to counseling room where a nurse would ask you few questions regarding your menses and fertility history. She recommended us to have a sperm test while waiting for Doctor. I asked what is difference since I bought along previous result that age slightly more than 6 months old. I am convinced what I had is sufficient. Period.

The waiting time to see him is horrendous, we waited for 4 hours and by then I am already super tired and hungry. Never mind, the doctor is finally seeing me. I was told to remove my pants and underwear. Do you remember I was on my D2? I asked the nurse again, take out everything? She firmly replied me yes. Ooooh, I never done any scanned like this before. Nevertheless I brave myself and followed as instructed.

Dr WPS came and did the vagina scanned. I feel very uncomfortable to have someone scanned me while I was having my menses. He revealed my uterus lining is normal but I have very little egg, which he concluded I am PCOS. After the scanned, we discussed my medical history that I bought along. He concluded like my previous doctor my going forward is IVF.
Now back to the sperm test. He insists Huei to have a sperm test under Sunfert citing the old test result is outdated and too general. He gave example of no count of complete sperm with head-to-tail and given Huei smoking habits and age. I didn't know there is a general vs. detail level sperm test.

After meeting the doctor, we are required to meet the nurse at counseling room again to set the next appointment. I was asked to come on D2/D3 on the month I am ready for my IVF. By the time I left, I have spent total of 5 hours in Sunfert.

He identify my infertility issue rather quickly. I suppose this is because he has extensive experience with infertility judging from number of patients he see daily, he is indeed very experience, just like how other members of TTC forum said about him. My previous doctor has never mentioned about my PCOS condition and how it affect my infertility. Although the waiting time is long, but I am glad I  have found myself a right doctor.